We interviewed AI tool

People’s reactions to AI can vary widely depending on their level of familiarity and understanding of the technology, as well as their personal and professional experiences with it. Some people may be excited and curious about the possibilities that AI offers, while others may be skeptical or even fearful of it. We at Tribe are […]

Managing well: Motivating and retaining talent

If you’re managing a team of top talent, it’s important that you understand why they’re so valuable. It’s not just about how much they earn or what skills they bring to the table. You need to recognize that your best employees are motivated by more than money; they want to work for an organization where […]

How to be GDPR compliant

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a security law passed by the European Union (EU) (Wolford). It requires organizations, both EU and non-EU alike, to comply with its prescribed data security standards; failure to adhere to these regulations could result in heavy fines amounting to tens of millions of euros (Wolford).  A brief history […]

Best practices for developing a diverse and inclusive workplace

When you are a growing company, you dismiss diversity simply because of time and suppositions. You might have the misassumption that diversity is too broad to handle and that you prefer prioritizing other areas that need more attention, but you would be surprised to find out its importance. Diversity and inclusiveness are not only buzzwords, […]

Killer sourcing strategies for finding top talent

Finding and recruiting talent is a challenge that recruitment professionals face daily. The first step toward hiring the right person for your company is to be aware of where top talent exists. While some people are talented in one area, others have multiple skills that might surprise you—and they may not even know!  Finding exceptional […]

Attracting IT talent in highly competitive markets

Tech talent is the most sought-after resource in business today. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to find it. It is harder than ever to attract top technical talent. So how do you stand out from your competitors? The answer lies in understanding where your competition is falling short and knowing what sets you apart […]

8 strategies for providing a game-changing candidate experience

In the world of recruitment, some key factors influence the hiring process, such as the so-called “candidate experience”, so let’s dig into it! But why is it important? The great candidate experience is a key part of recruiting because it builds your company’s reputation and how it stands out in the marketplace. Their experience in […]

What you should know about successful remote-work teams

Introduction Tribe has a different relationship with remote work than most companies. While many companies were forced into the world of remote work due to lockdowns and restrictions – we have been a fully remote-work company from the start. Throughout the years we have had the chance to experiment, iterate and optimize our processes, where […]

How we turned the hiring slowdown into an L&D opportunity

With the tech industry suffering from massive waves of layoffs and the hiring freeze, we found ourselves between the companies that doubled their headcount after the pandemic as the business boomed to meet client demand and thus, felt pressured by the trouble spilled over the tech recruitment market. Seizing the moment to retain talent Despite […]

Data-driven recruitment strategy: Why and how you should implement it

Nowadays, companies are changing rapidly and it is difficult to keep up with all the operations carried out on a day-to-day basis. For this reason, data analysis is responsible for transferring the information collected in numbers and providing figures of the operations. Data analysis is an internal setup function performed to present numbers and figures […]