Get Senior Recruiter to grow your Team Today. is an exclusive network of Recruiters that help technology companies scale. 

Your company is expanding fast and needs the right team to support its growth. The standard recruiting process of posting vacancies and waiting for applicants won’t result in the best quality hires though.

The best tech talents are open to new opportunities but are not actively applying. If you don’t have the time to source your new Data Engineers proactively, we’ve got a solution for you.

Our recruiters will take the weight off your shoulders. Tell us your priorities, decide on how many pipelines you would like us to cover and let us help you hire the best people.












Step 1

Sign up, meet your recruiter and assign us to one or multiple priority pipelines. We will work together with your hiring managers and the internal team from the start. We will put together a job description and an efficient interview process to attract top candidates.






Step 2

We advertise and source candidates in your brand’s name. Then phone-screen interested candidates to make sure they are the perfect fit for your company. Only the best candidates will be added into the hiring process.






pipelines_comp copy







Step 3

We’ll take the candidates through the interview process until you decide to hire them. Once the contract is signed we will hand over to the HR. The candidates will never notice we are an outsourced help. 

Our Recruiter – Your Benefits

Full Transparency

You’ll have access to the full list of talents contacted, all responses, results, and phone screens scheduled. All data can be seamlessly integrated into your ATS.

Best Matching Candidates

Your hiring manager will only receive candidates who have been screened by us. We’ll guarantee that they are the best match for your job and are already looking forward to working with you.

Consistent Results

You’ll own a talent pool of highly qualified candidates that we’ll keep feeding – available to you at any moment when there is a need.

Competitively Priced

Agencies can charge between 10.000 and 16.000 Euro per successful hire. We average at a cost of 2,700 euro per hire. 

Why Work With Us

Our recruiters have scaled teams at King, Soundcloud, GetYourGuide, and Klang Games and TIER Mobility.

We are well connected with the tech talent across multiple platforms (Linkedin, Github, Stackoverflow etc.)

Try our service risk-free: If you’re not satisfied within the first month, we’ll give you a full refund.

Let’s make your hiring process a breeze!